2008, the year without. April!

April 2, 2008

I cheated.

Bad, bad Mace. I had exactly TWO french fries during the month of March. I still consider that better than scarfing down an entire plate, like I can (and have) done. I could come up with some interesting excuse, like I was the acting food taster of some celebrity/royalty/clown, but really it was just that someone ordered some at a new place, and I wanted to try them. Feh.

I hadn’t started out on this project to keep building things off each other. The original plan was to give something up for a month, and then go back to my evil ways. But now, on month 3/4 (depending on how you look at it), I’m still not eating fast food, and I’ve barely touched the fries.  And now I’m going to build on this again.

April is the month without ANY fried foods.

This distressed my boyfriend, for some reason. “No fries?” No. “No chips?” No. “No fried eggs?” No. There will always be things that toe the line. Is French Toast technically fried? What about stir fry? I’ll address these concerns as they come up, I suppose.

Again, I’ve lost no weight and feel no healthier. It may actually be time to get off my chunky butt and do something.


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