Help me! (closet edition)

March 28, 2008

My closet is horrible right now. It’s a complete mess, and I hate looking in there right now. I need help!

My first plan of attack is to find some new storage containers. I currently have all my Flamenco costumes and rarely used accesories in bankers boxes, and they are UGLY. Does anyone out there in the interwebs know of a good storage solution? My closet shelf is 57 inches long and 11 inches deep. I’d prefer opaque boxes, as I don’t want to stare at the contents all the time – I know what’s in there.




  1. Isn’t that gal Jenny a professional organizer??

  2. I am crazy unorganized. If you get any tips please share with the class. ❤

  3. Yes! I’m hiring Jenny to help me with my artworks and my main storage closet in the living room. The clothes closet I can actually take care of myself, seeing as most of it boils down to me taking crap off the floor and properly hanging it. But the boxes… that has me stuck. Most are the wrong size, or clear. Sigh.

  4. You’ve already checked the Container Store? They always have lots of options. I also use Gaylord Brothers, which is actually an archival resource, but they have odd shapes and sizes for boxes.

  5. I’ve decided that the boxes at the Container store are mostly clear or ugly. I really like this box, but I’m pretty sure it’s too big for my 11.5 inch shelves. Who made these shelves so tiny? In fact, who put the hanger rod only four feet up? I think tiny people were meant to live in my house.

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