On Spring Goals

March 24, 2008
  1. Better Oral Hygiene. Now that my life is pretty awesome (seriously, I say this to at least one person a day), I have no excuse to not take good care of myself. Teeth are important, and it’s not really that hard to keep them up. I usually change my electric toothbrush head at the start of each season, so it’s been on my mind. I am going to try and floss, damnit. Now I’m very bad at these kinds of things, so I think I might actually post a small calendar in my medicine cabinet and give myself a gold star every time I brush and floss. I know, it sounds like I’m in 3rd grade, but there’s definitely something to be said for visual confirmation of a job well done.
  2. Use the phone for its intended purpose. Last week, I was standing, waiting for Bart, and texting someone. My dance teacher asked me how that was easier than just calling someone. I replied that the person then has time to reply at their convenience, to which she pointed out the purpose of answering machines. I have a limited amount of texts, and a gazillion phone hours (thanks, rollover!), so there’s no real reason NOT to call people. If they don’t want to talk to me, they don’t have to pick up. It’s also just a better way to communicate, since I have a tendency towards the sarcastic, and that doesn’t always work in text.
  3. Check out the gym. Evidently there’s a gym here at work. They even have classes at said gym. I am, however, too shy to ask anyone which building the gym is in, and our company intranet is not helpful AT ALL w/r/t this. So, sometime this quarter, I will get my butt over to the gym and check it out. Possibly even take a class (they have yoga!).

So, gentle readers, I need your help. I have several ideas for what I’m going to give up next month, but I thought I’d open it to a poll, since I’m having a hard time deciding. Leave me a comment with your choice! The options:

  • chocolate
  • caffeine
  • fried foods
  • alcohol (I’ve done this one before, though)


  1. Fried foods. A little chocolate, a little caffeine, a little alcohol: these aren’t terrible for you, and could conceivably fit in with your new health regime.

    A little fried food, not so much.

  2. I’m gonna go with….ah hell, I’d never give up any of them and I’m not about to go making decisions for anyone else…

    Love ya!

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