In which I shill for Macy’s and kind of hate myself for it

March 17, 2008
La Mora with Fan, originally uploaded by maceelaine.
This month is the annual Macy’s Flower Show. This year’s theme is “A Mosaic of Spain,” which means the entire downtown store(s) are completely decked out in Spanish accoutrement. It’s pretty fantastic. There are mannequins in traditional costumes, ranging from Flamenco dancers to matadors, all sorts of neat Spanish foods and goods that usually are much harder to find, and a range of special events on Saturdays. This includes, of course, Flamenco dancers near the doors.
Which is how I ended up there. My dance teacher, seen above, was asked (well, paid) to dance in-store. She brought her two best students, Izabel and Jeanette, and were set up next to the Lancome counter. They were basically dancing in the aisle, blocking foot traffic and having a grand time. Evidently two other local dancers were put over in the men’s department, and the first floor there… yeah, underpants.
Laurie and I went over there to support them and to see what they were up to, and ended up getting swept in and “forced” to dance ourselves. For the most part, though, we stood back and did palmas. That ended up being extremely helpful, actually, since the music didn’t carry at all through the store, but the sound of our hands clapping certainly did, and it helped attract a crowd.
So I urge everyone to head over to Macy’s, if you have time this Saturday. If you get made over at the Lancome counter, try to find Roberto. He’s a peach!



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