2008, the year without. March!

March 3, 2008

Truffle Oil and Herbed Fries, originally uploaded by maceelaine.

February was quite a tumultuous month. Interviews, quitting, starting a new job. I managed to do it all with panache, and without the crutch I like to call Taco Bell. On the flip side, though, I felt so busy that I barely even noticed the lack of fast food, though I admit there were a lot of sandwiches in February. I just don’t feel very different. I don’t feel lighter, I don’t feel healthier, and I certainly don’t feel richer. So how do I stop this up?

I’m going to keep the ban on fast food. And March is the month without French Fries. It’s only a small step, but there are plenty of normal, nice restaurants that serve those perfect little morsels of comfort. And I really do turn to them for comfort. I’m a stress eater, and in times of great duress, sometimes fries are all I want for days on end. I have been fortunate that so far, with the new job, the craving hasn’t been so dire. I can actually stave it off to a certain extent with almonds. We’ll see if it lasts.



  1. Girl I am right there with you, trying to quit fast food! It’s so hard! Momma like fries con ranch dressing!

  2. […] eating a seven layer bar from the company cafeteria (which I am THRILLED about,  as I am lazy and avoiding fast food, but not, evidently, incredibly unhealthy snacks), and wondering what on earth would end up in my […]

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