On Day 3

February 28, 2008

Day 2 was mostly spent reading documents until my eyes wanted to pop out of my head. Fas-cin-a-ting!

Day 3, and I finally get to see science in motion. I’m still very new, so I don’t get to touch anything, but seeing something live instead of just reading about it is important. I folllowed around my trainer, watched him aid another chemist with a set up, and talked a lot about the reaction we were to do the next day. I also got to see my bench, and help remove the traces of its former owner (who, by the way, still works here, just in support, so he doesn’t need a bench 24/7).

I drove straight home for the first time, and arrived in under an hour. It would have been even sooner, but I mistakenly took Market home, and anyone who’s been in my neighborhood around commute time knows better. It was still amazing, though. To be home while the sun was still shining. Unfortunately, though, the cold that I had been completely ignoring this week hit full force. I had a whole evening to myself, and I spent most of it on the couch, watching Six Feet Under on DVD. In the larger sense, though, I’m struck by how much more time I’ll have in the evenings.

Things I miss:

  1. Kelly, Maria, Melissa, Jeremy, Chris, and so many others
    (I keep thinking I recognize people’s voices)
  2. The constant chatter of the cube area
  3. Going out to lunch with other people
  4. The antacids in the 1st Aid Box
    (Seriously, there are the lamest 1st Aid boxes here ever)
  5. Knowing what the hell I’m doing

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