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On good old 2%

February 29, 2008

My parents split up when I was in second grade. I spent one week at school in San Jose before transferring to the elementary school by my grandmother’s house, where we lived while my mother finished school. My first day, someone was supposed to show me where all the important areas were: the office, my classroom, where to spend my quarter and get my milk for lunch. I must have fallen through the cracks; no one showed me these things. When my mother picked me up from school that day, we both sat in her car and cried, because no one had showed me where to get my milk.

Now I’m at a new job, and the people here seem to stick to themselves. It’s quite a change from my last job, where everyone was about the same age, and hung out during lunch and after hours. I’m optimistic about making friends here, dont’ get me wrong.  I know it’s my first week, and I don’t really know anyone, but there’s not really any one around to tell me where to get my milk. Luckily, now, I’m an adult, and I can find my milk on my own.


Okay, wait a minute here

February 28, 2008

I’ve been feeling a little sensitive about my weight lately, and this is SERIOUSLY not helping. I was kind of freaking out all day, until my mother assured me that it was the camera, not my face.

Worst. Badge. Ever

Here’s what I really think I look like:

Me, Thankful

Except, you know, in color.


On Day 3

February 28, 2008

Day 2 was mostly spent reading documents until my eyes wanted to pop out of my head. Fas-cin-a-ting!

Day 3, and I finally get to see science in motion. I’m still very new, so I don’t get to touch anything, but seeing something live instead of just reading about it is important. I folllowed around my trainer, watched him aid another chemist with a set up, and talked a lot about the reaction we were to do the next day. I also got to see my bench, and help remove the traces of its former owner (who, by the way, still works here, just in support, so he doesn’t need a bench 24/7).

I drove straight home for the first time, and arrived in under an hour. It would have been even sooner, but I mistakenly took Market home, and anyone who’s been in my neighborhood around commute time knows better. It was still amazing, though. To be home while the sun was still shining. Unfortunately, though, the cold that I had been completely ignoring this week hit full force. I had a whole evening to myself, and I spent most of it on the couch, watching Six Feet Under on DVD. In the larger sense, though, I’m struck by how much more time I’ll have in the evenings.

Things I miss:

  1. Kelly, Maria, Melissa, Jeremy, Chris, and so many others
    (I keep thinking I recognize people’s voices)
  2. The constant chatter of the cube area
  3. Going out to lunch with other people
  4. The antacids in the 1st Aid Box
    (Seriously, there are the lamest 1st Aid boxes here ever)
  5. Knowing what the hell I’m doing

On Day 1

February 26, 2008
  1. My drive is so much shorter, I almost miss the exit because I expect to keep driving.
  2. My new cube is about 30% bigger than my last one. It’s much nicer in design and has a brand new computer in it, which includes a flat screen monitor on an arm. It is completely devoid of character as of yet.
  3. I have my own lab bench, but is unclear when I will actually use it, as I will be following around a coworker for the rest of the week. I am completely okay with this.
  4. I am enthusiastic and eager to start getting my hands dirty, but am also kind of scared shitless to do something completely new. Everyone here seems extremely knowledgeable about Organic Chemistry. I’m sure I’ll seem the same way soon enough. Patience is a virtue.
  5. There is a cafeteria on campus, but I have no cash and need some air, so I drive around Foster City, looking to break my own rules and have some fast food, but am unable to find any food. The Taco Bell I go to has a malfunctioning card reader, so I am saved. I manage to find a Subway before chewing off my own arm, and then complete my circle of the city, realizing that I had driven the wrong way and that EVERYTHING was right across the highway from where I started.
  6. I spend a lot of time reading. I now understand how obnoxious that was for all the people I trained before.
  7. It takes me 10 minutes to get to my mother’s house for dinner.

I’m sorry it wasn’t more exciting. It went well. I met a lot of people. I’m still excited about working here.


On unneccesary nerves

February 25, 2008

So it’s 12:45 am, and I really should be asleep, as I have to be at my new hire orientation in eight hours. But instead I’m on the computer, trying to find the best way to get there, and approximating how long it will take me to get there, and and trying to figure out what to wear. Aggravating! What’s not helping is that three different sites are giving me three different routes to go. So what do I choose? Definitely not worth loosing sleep over, and yet…

I should just go lie down. That will help. I hope everyone that reads this sends me happy thoughts, and I’ll be sure to get back and describe what exactly my new job is, since I’m doing a poor job of explaining it to people now.


My boyfriend hears, the secrets that I keep…

February 21, 2008

(while laughing) So we’re going to pretend to clean it up? Like, half ass it?

That’s one fucked up little man.
What little man?
The one from the little man video.

I evidently also let him select my picture for my profile on current. I do not recall this. Evidently I was very worried about it being 150×150, though. I am a geek, even in my sleep.


On Little Red Corvette

February 12, 2008
  1. I have a new appreciation for the line “I felt a little ill when I saw all the pictures of the jockeys who were there before me.” Because Prince is so tiny, he could probably be a jockey if he really put his mind to it.
  2. After listening to this song for 25 years, I realized today that I had been imagining a Miata instead of a Corvette. Oops.