2008, The Year Without

January 31, 2008

I enjoy denying myself things. I’m not prepared to delve into the psychological aspects of WHY I do this, but it’s true. In the past, I’ve given up drinking, sodas, meat for over six years, and more. I’m pretty sure it’s not just food, but those are the easiest to quantify.

 So this year I’ve decided to make it a project: give something up each month, and track how it affects my life/body/relationships. Since I didn’t come up with this concept until mid-January, January is the Month Without Restrictions, which is especially apropos as I have been binge eating and not really taking care of myself at all.

So what’s on the slate for February? February is the month without fast food. I hate to admit it, but I adore greasy, unhealthy burgers and fake Mexican food. And lately, being so busy at work, and having un-adventurous lunch-mates, I’ve found myself going more and more. The goal of this exclusion is hopefully for me to make better choices about what I put in my mouth, and to also encourage me to make my lunch at home and bring it in. I also need to stop the bad habit of eating in my car!

I’d like to add that I’m not counting sandwich joints in this. I still need some options for quick dining, and I think in general that fresh-made sandwiches are better for you (and yes, I know some sandwiches are decidedly NOT healthy. I’m going to try and be aware).

And now, since it is the last day of January, I’m hitting Taco Bell.

Also, will someone please buy me this?



  1. When was I going to be told that there was a Mace blog?

  2. hi bebi!! i love you and miss you!!!

  3. Did I know there was a Mace blog?

    Also, there’s way to eat at sandwich places that won’t kill you. Nutritional information is all online these days, so whatever you’re concerned about you can check out before you go.


  4. Will, Nina: The blog is relatively new, and I haven’t exactly been running around screaming about it (yet). I was getting around to it; especially to those who I’ve listed in my ‘extra special links’ area. Now I feel extra special myself.

    Marie: I miss you tooooooooo!

  5. […] on campus, but I have no cash and need some air, so I drive around Foster City, looking to break my own rules and have some fast food, but am unable to find any food. The Taco Bell I go to has a malfunctioning […]

  6. OK I love this project and I’m thinking of adopting it. My only question is do you have repercussions for not being successful? Or is it just that you feel bad about yourself? Is that enough to keep you focused and on track?

  7. Mr. Fanning –
    So far I haven’t really had to deal with the repercussions, as I’ve been pretty good about staying on track. I’d have to say my biggest failure was during the no fries month, where I got drunk with my mother and she ordered some potatoes, which were more or less fries. And I ate them. I felt a little guilty about it for about a day, and then I moved on. I may have forced myself on an unnecessary walk, as well.
    Let me know if you pick up the project!

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