On Solitary Sundays

January 28, 2008

In my last house, Grumpus and I had the specter of ‘moving’ hanging over us for years; soon, soon, we’d say, we’ll be out of here, so why bother doing anything nice, like hanging curtains or art or, you know, doing ANYTHING? So for four years or so, I stagnated in a place that looked like we were still complete and total college students with no money or taste.

Now that I’m living alone, I’m finally encouraging myself to do all the decorating I want. This, though, takes EFFORT, a word that I have fallen out of touch with. I have so many zany ideas rushing through my brain, I have a hard time just sitting down and planning them out. Focusing is difficult. But I have hit upon two things to start:

  1. Keeping the heat in
    January started with a bit of a shock: a nice bill for $108. Seems my ‘gas’ heater is not, in fact, gas. See, I’m fortunate that gas is included in my rent; electricity is all mine. And evidently the temperatures were dropping so low in my apartment that even when I had the thermostat set for low (while I was at work, or asleep), it was still running. Ouch! I tried to blame a host of things, but I think it boils down to the heater and the heater alone. So now, I’m trying to save as much heat in my place as I can.
    But, see, I’m excited about heat. The old house, the heater messed with my allergies and made Grumpus’s face fall off, so it was rarely on. Now, I don’t have to wear a jacket in the house, or a hat, or spend most of my time under a blanket. But on Sunday, I did spend most of the time under a blanket. Me, a blanket, and Harry Potter. Except when I tried a solution I found on Apartment Therapy: window insulation.
    I have huge windows in my kitchen, and I suspect a fair amount of heat escapes that way. So, even though I had a sore throat and about 10% the normal energy I have, I attempted to do one window. I found out something important: my counter hurts. Kneeling on it did some serious damage to my knees. It was pretty easy, once I figured out how to stand on my stove (please never make me do that again), but I still managed to mess it up by tearing the bottom. I think, though, once I’m feeling alive again, I may try the others. Besides, how often can you say you were standing on your stove, hair-drying your windows?
  2. Lighting the bedroom
    I have grown very weary of doing the mad dash from my bed to the light switch by the door of my bedroom. Sure, it’s tiny, but when I’m warm and cozy from reading, the last thing I want to do is make even a five foot trip. What I really need are some reading lights. I use lights (plural) because honestly, the boyfriend is over so many nights that he could use his own light. Plus, I like balance.
    Friday was a very slow day at work. I spent my downtime researching lamps. I found out a few things:
    – My style seems to be clean, modern, vaguely Danish.
    – I like silver and brushed steel.
    – Lamps Plus is either horribly overpriced, or I have expensive tastes.
    – Bed, Bath and Beyond has a disappointing lamp section, but is a fun place to while away a Saturday afternoon with DanielI could post the whole list of things I liked, but I won’t bore you. I was trying to avoid Ikea, as my house is starting to look like a showroom, but it really has the only things I like that are in my price range. Details and photos to follow. Probably.

I’ll be detailing other house projects here. Have you been to my house? Do you have ideas? Leave me a comment below.


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