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On Failing, in List Form

November 16, 2007

For my 30th birthday year, I decided to give myself a list of things to do/make/buy to celebrate. I called it the “30 for 30.” Some of these were things I’d never tried; some were things I hadn’t done in a long time. I gave myself a year, thinking that it couldn’t be that hard to do 30 simple things in one year.


I failed.


I know, it’s still November, and technically I still have time, but I also am realistic in knowing my limitations. Especially for the items that require cash – with impending car repairs (or possibly just a new car totally), I’m intensely interested in saving where I can. A lot of these items are just a matter of making time, sitting down, and actually doing it. I can rejoice in the fact that I finished eight (and gave up on loosing 10 pounds, which pleased the boyfriend).


I have to thank the Slackmistress, for suggesting the last item on the list: to not be disappointed if I don’t finish the list. It’s true. It’s not great, but then again, my life is far from over. Besides, what have I accomplished this year?

  • Moved to San Francisco

  • Bought all new furniture

  • Made some amazing friends

  • Met a handsome, wonderful boy, who thinks I’m tops

  • Learned how to be alone, and how to socialize

So I’m going to keep the list up, but now it’s just a list of things I want to do someday. No time limits, no boundaries, just fun.


I killed my boyfriend and stole his socks

November 2, 2007

Also, I post unflattering pictures of him on the internet.

Dead Boyfriend